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Abalone farm closed after virus outbreak in South Africa

7 December, 2016

The South African government today declared the end of a seven-month-old outbreak that has killed dozens of farm workers in the country's KwaZulu-Natal region, including pregnant and nursing women. The death toll will likely rise.

On October 14th, the Health Ministry declared a total of 868 cases, and 1,914 cases with laboratory confirmed disease, or laboratory confirmed death, which is defined as one death and a diagnosis of a confirmed viral illness. This means 6,743 people are currently confirmed to have contracted the disease and died. The majority of people infected have died of the virus that causes chikungunya (which most people do not know about), called chikungunya virus, or HIV.

Most of the deaths are men between the ages of 25 and 34, and many of the infected are women between the ages of 19 and 45, especially pregnant women. Many of these women are already dying at this point, especially those still in hospital. In response to this outbreak, the South African government instituted a three-day shutdown of livestock and foodstuffs to provide emergency relief in a manner that is consistent with the recommendations of WHO, the global health organization, and other health organizations that focus on the protection and management of health workers.

This shutdown resulted in 2,854 people's deaths, but only 60 of these deaths involved food and agricultural products. In addition, a number of people had died on previous rounds of operations as a result of the ongoing chikungunya infection.

South Africa remains in a state of high alert and this closure of operations is expected to continue with continuing monitoring, including the surveillance of agricultural operations.

"This is an enormously important moment in our country's ongoing efforts to tackle the devastating impact of this devastating disease," said the Secretary General of the UN Secretary General's Global Health Organization and Health Ministry Dr Michael O'Brien. "These cases are an important reminder that despite the best efforts of governments and international health organizations, chikungunya will continue to pose a threat even in developed countries and that it is still very difficult to stop chikungunya before a devastating effect is felt."

There is no known effective vaccine, and more than 500,000 people worldwide have chikungunya, meaning more deaths will be needed to eradicate this devastating disease globally. The disease is highly contagious.

The UN agency for international affairs (UNICEF), the WHO, the World Bank and many other world health organizations have called for this devastating disease to be eradicated.

On October 14th the WHO had issued recommendations on chikungunya and HIV as a global challeng

Exposing bettong predators improves survival saprophytes in both the wild and captivity. This study provides evidence that captive-raised juvenile bettong are more protected than wild-born species, that juvenile captive-bred species are in better genetic condition, and that captive-raised juvenile bettongs have lower mortality rates at all stages of their life.

Source: F.M.M.

Pilating and captive-raised captive-bred juvenile bettongs in the wild. BATSERVAL. 2009 Feb;11(2):141-50. Epub 2009 May 10.


Lnp chooses councillor to contest dawson, alice reardon to stand as councillor of city of goshen, peter berman to run for mayor of goshen

Alderman Michael Bostwick said his choice of a new mayor of Minneapolis has a lot to do with the choices his colleagues make, but there is no single explanation.

"I'm more focused on my city," said Bostwick, 54, who is running to replace Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. "When I look back on 10 years and that's how I look back at the whole thing, I realize we're working on different things. It's complicated, and it's time to move forward as a city and as people."

Bostwick's opponent, Jim Cottrell, is another candidate seeking the job of Minneapolis' 14th mayor. The two face off Saturday in a race with little history of previous mayoral bids, which has not been widely anticipated since both incumbents announced their re-election bids last month.

Bostwick declined to discuss Cottrell, but noted that several members of the City Council have already won election after years in office.

"It's our job to keep doing what we're doing."

The city of 13 million residents has been in turmoil since last summer, when city officials charged with overseeing development in a swath of vacant downtown properties went on sick leave.

Since that time, there has been unrest and violent protests, even as the U.S. Justice Department has recommended reforms and the U.S. Senate has agreed to hold hearings on issues affecting the federal housing authorities.

In August, the city announced plans to sell the historic Ruppert building to a group of investors, and a coalition of more than 20 groups joined to petition the mayor and council to block plans.

Cottrell, a former mayoral candidate, was elected city chair in March, taking over in the place of incumbent Mayor Christopher Coleman, an African-American.

Bostwick said Bostwick believes his fellow council members and councilors, including Cottrell and John Collins, voted in favor of the sale of the complex. He declined to discuss Cottrell's specific reasons for support or the mayor's campaign.

A campaign announcement will occur Saturday, he said.

Bostwick was mayor of the mostly white suburb of North Central Minnesota for 10 years. He said he didn't believe he is capable of running for an unprecedented number of elections, and he won't "go into anything that I haven't already prepared for."

"I don't think it's my place," Bostwick said, "but I will serve as the city's spokesperson and advocate for the working, middl

'old boys day' motivation for newcastle knights to win fina bays game over newcastle lads

St George's Park had only been hit twice in the first-half of yesterday's game and Newcastle were without five of their starting side – the lone goal came courtesy of James McClean, but a couple of well-placed tackles forced Newcastle defender Andy Carroll into a header.

For a while it looked as though the game would go to penalties but when Newcastle went back on the front foot, substitute Steven Taylor was able to find the net – a superb strike.

There was only an 8-1 aggregate at St George's Park for Newcastle and the players were clearly exhausted after three games, but this was a superb start to the season for Alan Pardew's men and I am sure they will have a great season next term.

Watching a match of this standard in front of a crowd of 25,096 at St George's Park is impressive, so much so that it made me wonder why there was no game at home this weekend to celebrate the occasion.

So far the only teams with goals in the league this season have been Hull City, Fulham, West Ham and Crystal Palace.

It will be interesting to see how the fans react to this performance given that Newcastle's last away game was at Blackburn back in December and the club would rather lose a game like this at home to a team that they have to beat than a team which they have beaten every game.

One more game will be a wonderful start to the season for Alan Pardew Newcastle Jets

The stats you need to know

• Newcastle have now won 9 straight away matches (13 wins, 11 draws, 2 losses, 6 draws at home).

• The hosts held a 6-3 advantage at Turf Moor.

• Andy Carroll scored his first goal since March 11 this season when he slotted the ball into the back of the net following a good pass from Ben Woodburn.

• Alan Pardew's men have not lost a away Premier League match since October 11, 2013, when they drew 2-1 at Swansea.


Irish prime minister says no backstop is no deal with EU in Irish referendum

Ireland has put no time limit on the talks, which are due to start in Brussels on Wednesday.

Under the terms of its membership of the EU, it would remain legally bound to follow the common rules of the Single Market. It cannot negotiate with Britain and is prevented from changing any laws it is not a member of.

Prime minister Enda Kenny said he was ready to put time limits on what he wants from his EU counterparts.

He did not say when talks would begin, but his comments came during a televised interview.

Kenny said his negotiations with Britain would be tough. He said: 'There is no time limit on my discussions. But we have to see that, at the end of the day we all get a deal.'

He added: 'We'll continue working together to resolve this difficult issue in a fair and realistic way.'

Mr Kenny has faced pressure from London for months to strike a deal with Britain on issues such as a single currency and free movement, with EU states including France and Germany warning against a hard border between Irish and British citizens.

He was forced to withdraw a draft bill aimed at overhauling UK welfare legislation because it contained language suggesting that EU nationals who had been living in the UK for six months would not need to leave.

Theresa May said yesterday that Britain would want a deal that guarantees citizens on EU benefits access to social benefits - a position Sinn FГ©in said was ''absolutely not acceptable''.

Council to consider former chief executives exit of a position.

Former chief executives will face questions over pay and perks when the boards of directors of two global consulting firms — KPMG and KPMG-IMG Worldwide — meet Thursday in London.

KPMG's former chief executive Andy Cowley will take part in a session titled "Walking the Walk." The other member of the group will be a representative of KPMG International, as well as other international partners.

The two consulting firms have not yet released their annual results, although KPMG's chief executive, Mark Burwell, has hinted at a significant drop in performance last year.

Under Cowley's watch, KPMG has gone through several reorganizations including two restructuring projects that put the company in a less profitable business setting. Last year, KPMG said it was "working hard" to cut costs.


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