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Xrumer is a black SEO tool, one of a kind program for spamming comments, forums or guest books.
Called to advertise the site or its individual services, Khrumer automatically places texts, links or announcements on third-party resources.

Previously, programs like this were fought with Captcha, but the upgraded version of Khrumer acts carefully, which allows it to put messages in all sections of the site.

You can only buy Khrumer for money; it works with Windows OC. Among its features, the following can be distinguished:

Working with several resources at the same time, you can put several messages at a time.
Khrumer is able to independently register on a site or forum, fill out a profile, leave comments.
The program can work with a variety of CMS.
The published post can be placed in different versions, because of this, search engines do not take such texts for a post and do not punish them with filters or a ban.
Hrumer's tools are becoming more and more every year.

Optimizer opinions about Khrumer were divided. On the one hand, the program helps to promote the site and attract visitors, on the other hand, it is still fraud in relation to search engines.

Official site Xrumer:


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