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пїњI know what your woman wantsвА¶
вА¶ And it is not difficult to give her:
вАЬI wish we could make love with infinite passion all night .вАЭ That would be wonderful.
You can have good conversations with women, get them flirting, attracted and definitely interested in you.
You have blocks,
you are one of the men who have a small penis .
Then, you are worrying about it and wonder:
How to get a bigger penis…
Or how to dig up a huge dick?
I would like to share all the secrets I discover from Penis Enlargement Bible.
Penis Enlargement Bible . simply based on 2 pillars by Dr. John Collins :
Natural exercise – where you can increase the length, girth and width of your penis, with permanent results.

Biochemical growthвАУ The main proven techniques aim to increase blood flow in penis in order to make your penis bigger & stronger.
Many men are somewhat unsatisfied with their penis but they have to suffer in silence, why?
—Penis size is a super sensitive one,I donвАЩt dare speak about it to anyone.Here was a man talking about a penis in public like IвАЩve only heard men talk in private.
IвАЩm very pro-вАЬsize is a taboo subjectвАЭ thinking…
This program can be a positive for you to end worst nightmare instead of suffering in the dark.
One thing we want to clearпЉЪwe can’t reveal too much information about Penis Enlargement Bible book because its copyright, but in brief here are the effective basic penis enlargement exercises 8 Week Workout Plan that you have a try.
Basic Penis Enlargement Exercises
Weeks 1-3. Spend on exercise 15-20 minutes each day
Warm up – choose a soft warm cloth, gently massage your penis and surrounding area, do it about 3 minutes in a relax state.

Standard stretching -loosen up your penis before holding it to stretch up. down, left ,right and around for every 30 seconds. Never over stretch your penis! Repeat this exercise 2 times.

PC Muscle training-it is equally important for you to prolong your ejaculations each time.Train your PC muscle well with Kegels and you can achieve multiple orgasms. do this for 20 minutes ,then give your penis a sufficient rest.
Pay attention: too much PC muscle would lead to overproduction of testosterone that may result in premature ejaculation.
Standard jelp – Jelqing is a basic technique where you apply a milking motion up and down the shaft. You must use your thumb and forefinger and make a circle with your fingers around the base of your penis, do this for 10 minutes.
Weeks 4-5. spend on exercise 15-20 minutes each day
After 3-weeks training, you may feel a little growth on your penis, great. Now, pay attention to the following steps…
Standard stretching- take a seat with you back vertically straight and mare sure to lubricate your penis. With one hand, grab the base of your penis squeezing the penis shaft as you move towards the penile head. once there, use your other hand and start a new.
Do the squeezing routine for 3-5 seconds as you moved from the penis base to the head, repeat this action over a 5 minute period without attaining a full erection or ejaculation.
Standard Jelqing- Gently encircle your penis and moving your hand up to the head, concentrate of pushing the blood up the penis, when reach the head of penis, take the other hand to the base and perform the same motion with your other hand.

The Wrist stretch-Hold your penis below the head and stretch it gently to the left, right, up and down. Repeat it for 5 minutes.

The Big Squeeze- Put some pressure on the middle section of your penis, be gently stretch your penis. Keep repeating for 2 minutes.
Weeks 6-8. Spend on exercise 20-30 minutes each day
This is the last transitional stage. You can divide your exercises into morning and night.You should do more advanced exercises to make your penis get ready for growth. And now spend on exercise 20-30 minutes each day.
Well done, my friends, are you used to your own plan?
Next… What’s good else ?
Benefits You Will Get
#1: ItвАЩs Natural & Safe & Permanent
Penis enlargement bible. the procedure used is 100% natural and biological, hence the results you get will be permanent.
YOU won’t lose the results theyвАЩve worked for.
#2: Enhance overall sex performance
Not only do the natural methods and techniques offered in this guide help to increase the size of your penis, but theyвАЩll help you to have a better overall sex life.
Having a bigger gun after all doesnвАЩt mean anything if you donвАЩt know how to fire it.
YouвАЩll be able to have more control over when you ejaculate so you can last as long as you need to.
YouвАЩll have increased stamina as well.
#3: Increase the length & girth of your penis
Not only does the PE bible show you how to get a penis thatвАЩs longer, but also wider. In order to be effective in the bedroom it isnвАЩt enough to focus just on length.
Girth can be just as important if not more so. Think of it as the body builder who has big arms and upper body but stick legs.
It would look silly right?
Well you donвАЩt have to worry about any awkwardness as far as the results youвАЩll get using this guide goes.
#4: Low price with money back guarantee
The Penis Enlargement Bible is currently on offer at crazy-good price including all these bonuses .
Test it for 8 weeks that means almost 60 days (2 months) and if you donвАЩt get or not satisfied with your results, just get your money back as they are offering 60-day Money Back Guarantee, no question asked.
#5: ItвАЩs Quick and Easy
Never worry about waiting long to get something in the mail.
Instant access to the PE bible.
The Drawbacks You Need to Deal With
#1: Methods require time and energy
YouвАЩll have to be realistic about the results you can expect and be willing to maintain the process even if things donвАЩt workout exactly as you hope.
Results are definitely going to vary.
#2: Takes time with enough patience
Patience is important in this stage, if you get fast results no problem, but mostly results are slow.
John Collins himself speaks about time taking to see results.
вАЬGive us few weeks and you will realize that everything we talk about works and is real.вАЭ
#3: Adding a manual diet
As my studies and research on this subject, diet also plays an important role in enlarging your penis.
This is not included and never talked in Penis enlargement bible, wish soon they add a diet manual to members area.
A good diet is necessary for Penis Enlargement. ThatвАЩs it, other than that everything is fine and excellent.
Natural P enis Enlargement Food
So this next tip I discovered is penis enlargement food, I want to add some advice:
If you pay much attention to your sexual health, there are really only 3 types of food that it makes sense for you to put in your body.
Natural, unprocessed organic вАШWhole FoodsвАЩ- things like fruits, vegetables, raw dairy, protein rich meat and fish. Furthermore, healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates.Most of these foods offer calories for you, they are the basis of your diet.

Vitamin or Supplement – things like minerals,vitamins. The results are best when these penis enlargement supplements are used in coordination with an exercise regimen. In these cases the shaft of the penis is stretched manually, supplements stimulate the expansion of the three penile chambers, and blood is forced into the ready penis. This is the ideal situation for penis enlargement, both in terms of length and girth.

Superherbs – How about Superherbs? Well, Superherbs are probably the greatest source of nutrition you can put in your body. Yet, sadly, hardly anyone in the West knows about them, but in the penis enlargement bible, you will find these superherbs like Chinese Herbs and Western Supplements that will surely to boost the growth of your penis.
Penis Enlargement Bible вАУ Does It WorkпЉЯ
For some results may be fast and for some they may be slow. It depends on the all your work and healthy life style. IвАЩve been testing out this secret for the past 6 months and it is DAMN POWERFUL.
My main suggestion is to give it a try, yes a try. Your life is about to change..


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Биоревитализация нового поколения
Ќаращивание ресниц

FinePeel - процедуры дл€ улучшени€ кожи лица и тела

—па сертификат в подарок


-очищение кожи
-распаривание гелем
-дарсонвализаци€ (по показани€м)
-тонизаци€ (антисептическое воздействие)
-маска (по типу кожи)
-завершающий крем
Ѕонусна€ программа

20% скидка на процедуры по телу:
1) ѕрессотерапи€- 1500 р.- 20%=1200 р.
2) Ёлектролиполиз- 2500 р.- 20%=2000 р.
3) »нфракрасна€ сауна- 1100 р.- 20%=880 р.
4) ћиостимул€ци€- 2500 р.- 20% =2000 р.

10% скидка на атравматичную чистку лица на косметике израильской марки KART
10% скидка на уходы за лицом на натуральной косметике PHITS
5% скидка на гликолевые пилинги марки ELDAN

—кидка 50% на электропорацию на выбор (1 процедура):

2500 р. вместо 5000 р. за лицо;
3650 р. вместо 7300 р. за лицо, шею и декольте.
—тоимость препарата входит в стоимость процедуры.

¬стречаем Ћето с программой «—тройное тело»
  • —кидка 20% на курс  антицеллюлитного массажа из 10 процедур:  

1-€ процедура 2 300 рублей вместо 2800 рублей
ƒалее при покупке курса из 10 процедур предоставл€етс€ скидка 20%, 22 400 рублей вместо 28 000 р
ѕродолжительность 1 процедуры 1 час.

  • —кидка 20% на курс локального антицеллюлитного массажа(зона «высокие бриджи») из 10 процедур:

1-€ процедура 1 800 рублей вместо 2 000 рублей
ƒалее при покупке курса из 10 процедур предоставл€етс€ скидка 20%, 16 000 рублей вместо 20 000 р
ѕродолжительность 1 процедуры 30 минут.

  • —кидка 40% на аппаратный курс коррекции фигуры.

ѕроцедура состоит из аппаратного массажа на аппарате STARVAC  и прессотерапи€ на аппарате PULSTAR S2.
1-€ процедура 1 300 рублей вместо 3 000 рублей
ƒалее при покупке курса из 10 процедур предоставл€етс€ скидка 40%,
12 000 рублей вместо 30 000 р
ѕродолжительность 1 процедуры 1 час.

јнтистрессовое обертывание со скидкой 20% и массаж головы в ѕќƒј–ќ 

јнтистрессовое обертывание со скидкой 20% и массаж головы в ѕќƒј–ќ .
ѕродолжительность – 1,5 часа
—тоимость: 4 200 р. 3 360 р.  

Ёлектропораци€ - неинвазивна€ мезотерапи€, мезотерапи€ без использовани€ игл.
Ёлектропораци€ - неинвазивна€ мезотерапи€, мезотерапи€ без использовани€ игл.

—тоимость процедуры:

Ћицо 3500 р.  1750 р.
4500 р.  2250 р.
∆ивот 3500 р. 1750 р.
ягодицы 3500 р. 1750 р.

ƒополнительное использование 2 мл препарата - 500 р.

јнтицеллюлитный массаж на аппарате STARVAC + прессотерапи€ на аппарате Pulstar S2
јнтицеллюлитный массаж на аппарате STARVAC + прессотерапи€ на аппарате Pulstar S2

ѕродолжительность – 1 час
—тоимость: 3 000 р. 1 920 р.  
ѕри покупке курса 5-10 процедур.

”никальна€ программа дл€ питани€ и восстановлени€ кожи лица после лета "¬итаминный букет"

 3800 р..
¬место 5000 р..

ћаникюр + педикюр с покрытием OPI

Ѕџ“№  –ј—»¬ќ… Ћ≈√ ќ!

2500 р.
¬место 3600 р..

ѕри€тное дополнение:

Ўугаринг (голень) –   700р. вместо 1800р.

ѕарафинотерапи€ рук – 350р. вместо 600р.

ѕарафинотерапи€ ног – 400р. вместо 800р.

30% — »ƒ » ќ“ Ќј— ƒЋя ¬јЎ≈…  –ј—ќ“џ!


ћозаика Phyts с оживл€ющем массажем "√армони€"

Ѕазова€ программа Phyts дл€ лица √армони€

—тоимость: 1970 р

Ќќ¬»Ќ »:
Flash-бальзам дл€ лица Anti-age
Flash-бальзам дл€ лица Anti-age
3 460 руб.
¬ ELSECLINIC вы можете приобрести косметику Elemis